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What do businesses have to do to meet new government legislation and requirements?

The new legislation requires business owners to provide a safe working environment for all staff, visitors and in fact anyone that comes into contact with any aspect of your business operations.  This includes many things such as training, dedicated staff time, procedures and building awareness.  Most business operators/owners are surprised when they realise the level of detail required to provide a safe working environment that complies with the new legislation.

Unless you have current experience in WHS it is likely that you would not have the knowledge, experience and systems in place to efficiently introduce an effective approach into your operations.  That is where we come in, just as you know how to run your business operations, we know how to introduce an effective health and safety regime that will noticeably improve safety outcomes and staff morale.

How much does High Visibility WHS consulting cost?

This generally varies on four things:

          • The size of your business;
          • Number of employees;
          • Your industry and activities
          • How much you want us to do for you.


Some businesses only require guidance and basic document preparation whereas others want to know that they are doing all they need to do to operate in accordance with their legal obligations. Obligation free initial consultations are at no cost. By the end of the consultation you will understand what you need to do to minimise the chances of injury and possible legal action, your obligations to contractors and external people interacting with your business activities.

Our services start from $175 for a summary report based on the discussion and site inspection from the initial consultation. This will let you know exactly what you need to do and in which order to do it to maximise your chances of keeping your business and staff safe and within the law.

Are there any ongoing costs once you have implemented WHS policies and procedures?

That depends on your business operations, risk profile and level of experience within your organisation.  Many businesses simply require a manageable program to be put in place and can manage it themselves. Others with more detailed requirements use our experience and up to date knowledge of the WHS environment to assist them in meeting their legal obligations  on an ongoing basis.

With a full program you will have all the documentation, procedures, training and assistance to start meeting your legal obligations under the Workplace Health & Safety Act 2011.  Remember that the term compliant refers to all aspects of your operations on a daily basis, therefore it is essential that you, your staff and your WHS management require a disciplined, structured and flexible approach to give you the best chance of eliminating negative health and safety outcomes.

Will you tailor to my business or industry?

Absolutely, safety is not a one size fits all proposition.  The old days of buying a manual that gathered dust on the book case are long gone.  Software packages, while very effective are often not enough to ensure you, your business and staff are protected as well as you could be.  Your operations require a tailored approach so that you, your staff and everyone that comes into contact with your business operations are safe, not put at unnecessary risk and can get home safely at the end of each day.


If an injury does occur, you will always stand a better chance of avoiding costly actions if your approach is tailored.  Think about it, a judge or workplace inspector looks at a range of things and can clearly see when a business has taken the time to implement safety systems that are focussed on his/her operations rather than a generic approach which does not show commitment to actual safety in the work environment, do you think that impacts on the decisions made? Of course it does, that is where we can help!!

Will I be compliant when you finish?

Compliance refers to working within the law.  We will provide you with the tools to help you manage your obligations, but this is a daily approach to safety that has to become part of your daily operations.  It doesn’t mean you will spend hours every day just on WHS but it does mean your operations need to incorporate a safety mindset to ensure that safety is always considered in business decision making  by all people within the business.  We can help you achieve this!!

Once you have finished, what am I left with?

Anything from some useful advice and pointers through to a fully operational system that actively manages health and safety in your operations.  We can help you once or regularly, whatever works for your operations, budget and risk profile.

How long does it take?

Simple policy and procedure development can be integrated into your operations within 5-10 working days.  Fully operational management systems including implementation and staff training usually take between 2-6 weeks by the time the implementation is complete and all staff are trained.

What is a Workplace Health & Safety Management System (WHSMS)?

A WHSMS is simply a series of:


            • Policies;


            • Procedures;


            • Documents & Forms;


            • Information Sources.

Together they allow the business to conduct operations safely and manage WHS in a pro-active and timely manner.  Once you know your responsibilities, your staff’s responsibilities and how to manage WHS, you and your staff will be safer, your business will be better protected from the costs and legal implications of injury and other outcomes and you will sleep easier at night knowing that should an injury or similar happen within your business you have done everything possible to prevent it and stand a much better chance of avoiding fines, penalties and legal action from the authorities or other parties.

What is the difference between an OH&S Consultant, Safety Consultant and a WHS Consultant?

Nothing, it is just a difference in terminology.  OH&S refers to occupational health and safety, Safety is a generic term and WHS reflects the wording of the new legislation which is workplace health and safety.  They all work to provide a safer working environment, the terminology often reflects personal preference or the industry they may prefer to specialise in.